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Terms and Conditions

1. A 50% deposit is required before any work will be commenced.

2. Deposit paid is not refundable.

3. Mounts will be sold to incur costs after 30 days of completion, unless prior arrangement.

4. All prices apply to fresh water and marine species.

5. Billfish and fish above 50kgs to be quoted on by request.

6. Head Mounts (quarter mounts) up to 20kgs are supplied with supa wood vernier shields, oak imbuia or kiaat.

7. Wood shields supplied, are oval or square, only solid oak imbuia or kiaat.

8. Table and wall habitat mounts, e.g. habitat rocky river beds or lilies etc. -50% of full mount price.

9. Glass case work on solid wood bases to be quoted on separately.

10. Fish repairs and repaint undertaken by quotation only.

11. Fish tails mounted on wood shields -50% of full mount price.

12. Marlin and Sailfish bills mounted on supa wood vernier shields oak, imbuia or kiaat -50% of full mount price.

13. Collection and delivery service available and charged to clients account.

14. Crating and shipping will be charged to clients account.

15. We support “Catch and Release” on availability of moulds.

16. Fish submitted for mounting should be wrapped in damp newspaper and frozen flat in a plastic bag.

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